Friday, February 13, 2009


Mid February to early March is the right time to apply pre-emergent weed control products in San Antonio. These products will not kill the weeds that are already present. They will prevent the germination of new weeds seeds. Thus it is very important that the product be put out before spring weed germination. At the local garden centers and the home improvement stores you will find many weed and fertilizer combinations. The nitrogen in the fertilizer is really not needed yet and is wasted this time of year. However, for the "do it your selfer" the weed/fertilizer product is a method to apply the pre-emergent weed control. As always, carefully read and follow the directions to prevent damage to the grass or plants. JT Landscape can apply the pre-emergent in a liquid formula without any fertilizer and will be happy to quote your property.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Weeds are broken down into two large groups called broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds. It is important to know what group your weed falls into because that will determine the type product needed for control. Basically, if the leaf has parallel veins and looks like a grass it probably is a grassy weed. If it does not have parallel veins it is probably a broaleaf weed. This the time of year when the winter broadleaf weeds can start to thrive. They can be controlled with a good broadleaf weed control product available at most retail garden centers. It is extremely important to use the right product and apply it exactly according to the labeled instructions. JT Landscape uses a mixture of different broadleaf weed killers and can get a very good level of control with only one application. Cool season grassy weeds are harder to control but JT Landscape has products that will remove these type weeds without harming your lawn grass. This discussion has only addressed post emergent weed control. A future post will discuss pre-emergent weed control or weed prevention.

A Common Broadleaf Weed

Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Time for Compost

Compost application on the lawn will help provide nutrients for your yard. Some experts believe it is a great way to conserve water and it may reduce some disease problems in St Augustine grass. It clearly does help make for a healthy turfgrass. The key is to use a well composted product from a supplier like Fertile Garden Supply. We spread it with shovels and wheel barrows and then use the back side of a steel soil rake to work it into the grass. If you have shallow soil it is a good idea to use a mixture of compost and soil instead of straight compost. Companies like Fertile Garden can help you chose a product that provides soil and compost. The Fertile Garden "light garden mix" is one example of a soil and compost product that would be good to build up the depth of your soil by repeated applications over several years.

Compost Before Being Raked Into Turf

Compost After Being Raked In


Close up of mite damage on Boxwood shrub

I continue to see more spider mites on shrubs this week. Above is a photo of spider mite damage on the Boxwood shrub. Notice that in this close up the mites are far to small to see without a 10 x lens. The leaves get more of a yellowish speckled look on the Boxwood. While the Photinia leaf seems to take on a bronze colored look when attacked by spider mites. See the Jan 31st post for more spider mite information.