Saturday, February 7, 2009


Weeds are broken down into two large groups called broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds. It is important to know what group your weed falls into because that will determine the type product needed for control. Basically, if the leaf has parallel veins and looks like a grass it probably is a grassy weed. If it does not have parallel veins it is probably a broaleaf weed. This the time of year when the winter broadleaf weeds can start to thrive. They can be controlled with a good broadleaf weed control product available at most retail garden centers. It is extremely important to use the right product and apply it exactly according to the labeled instructions. JT Landscape uses a mixture of different broadleaf weed killers and can get a very good level of control with only one application. Cool season grassy weeds are harder to control but JT Landscape has products that will remove these type weeds without harming your lawn grass. This discussion has only addressed post emergent weed control. A future post will discuss pre-emergent weed control or weed prevention.

A Common Broadleaf Weed

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