Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drought Continues

The summer heat is taking a toll on our lawns. However, I have actually been surprised to see how well some St Augustine or Zoysiagrass yards have done in the shade with only one day per week watering. Those that have survived well are watering 2-3 cycles on the water day and of course they are benefiting from the protection that the shade provides. Sunny locations are stressing out greatly from the limited water. Brown Bermudagrass or brown Zoysiagrass can still recover in most cases with water, while St Augustine that looks brown is not likely to recover. Those that have dead St Augustine in full sun should consider replacing it in the future ( after the drought) with Zoysiagrass or Bermudagrass or perhaps plant beds with drought resistant plants.

David Rodriguez of the Agricultural Extension Agency suggested on the 6pm news several good ideas : 1. Apply up to 2 inches of water on your water day in the widow of time allowed by stage 2 water restrictions ( 3am-8am and 8pm -10pm) 2. Hand water dry grass and plants as even native plants are stressing with the prolonged drought 3. Addition of mulch to beds to conserve water 4. Think about fall and spring redesigns to replace some turfgrass areas with low water use plants.

Check back for future posts with information on a SAWS rebate for those that make water saving changes in the landscape.

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